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L E S S O N S & T R A I N I N G


Lessons and training offered in a relaxed, fun and informal atmosphere

either on a one to one basis or in a group setting.


Like fashion, hair and makeup also go through trends. If you've had the same style for what seems like forever and want some inspiration to create 'a new you', why not book one of us for a makeup lesson? Be it makeup for a natural day look, a special celebration or a beginner’s guide for someone young just starting to experiment with makeup, we can help.


Together, we will start by looking through your own makeup bag so we can get an understanding of your current methods and preferences. We'll offer suggestions and build on the knowledge, products and tools you already have so you can bring out your best features. 


We will offer advice on skincare so you start with a great base. Then teach you professional, makeup application techniques in easy to follow, step by step detail to balance, define and lift your face.


This is also a great opportunity if you are thinking about investing in some high end brands too. If you don't know where to start or don't want to risk a costly mistake, we have a variety of colours and great products in our kits which we can try on you so you can feel confident with your choice.


We also offer hair lessons and training for those who want to experiment with something different. We will teach the key steps for every hairstyle which will then enable you to create lots of different, intricate looks.


Finally, we provide advanced training to professionals or aspiring professionals. If you are looking to refine your skills and hear ideas from established artists to light your creative spark, then please get in touch.

Learn natural everyday looks to beautiful soft glam, perfect for special occasions.

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Master how to create textured down styles, Hollywood waves and intricate up styles.

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